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The University Report Card Project is an opportunity to create dialogue among Canadian universities in regards to their sustainable practices. It brings attention to the variety of environmental and sustainable options offered at individual schools, and encourages readers to recognize what is lacking.


The report card was created as a way to examine how Canadian universities communicate sunstainability through their websites. It acknowledges the types of systems that are in place, and highlights areas that need improvement.


The report card's framework was created and based around common sustainable initiaves that are important to us as Concordia communications students. Though actual data may vary from school to school, the report card emphasizes the type of rhetoric used on a university website.


The report card's framework focuses on three important sustainable factors:


1. The University's Structure in regards to how their academics and administration promote and offer sustainable action and involvement.


2. Food, Students & The Community which focuses on the types of alternative food systems and initiatives created and implemented in a University.


3. Energy in terms of how focused a university is in regards to water, transportation, climate and energy consumption, waste and overall 'greenness' of buildings.


Although this project is focused on food and alternative food systems, this framework reveals other sustainable elements that are needed to be considered. These elements are thoroughly connected and must be considered when considering the impact of sustainability in a university's setting.


Schools were finally grade through Concordia's Communication grading scheme seen below:

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